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Dress for Oktoberfest

1. Bavarian-style alpine hat. Typically made of felt or suede. Decorated with pheasant   and ostrich feathers, or a brush made from boar's hair.

2. Traditional Bavarian trachten shirt. Commonly white or a plain checked pattern in blue, red or green. Often adorned with bone buttons or embroidered with edelweiss.

3. Lederhosen. Leather work shorts, often embroidered.

4. Knee socks. Traditionally made with wool, but cotton is common.

5. Leather boots. Not the kind you drink beer out of. Usually work boots, but often cleated (for dancing) and buffed to a shine. Boots are worn by non-Bavarians only. The appropriate shoe is the Haferlschuh:

6. Scarf. Ladies sometimes wear colorful scarves to compliment the colors in their dresses.

7. Dirndl blouse. Various cuts, from ultra-conservative to downright daring.

8. Bodice. Sometimes attached to the drindl, sometimes added separately.

9. Dirndl. Traditional Bavarian dress with an apron. Essential for ladies.

10. Leather shoes. "Mary Jane" style is common. Soles usually made of rubber, but heels and toes often cleated to give a nice "thwack" when tapped on the dance floor.

11. Stein. Literally, "stone." Also called a "Mass" (the German spelling is Maß). These giant vessels usually hold a liter of beer each. Prost!

Dress to Impress for our Costume Contest starting at 1:30 pm

Dancing Contests

Bring your dancing shoes because we will be have a couple dance competitions too!

From the Chicken the Polkas


 Mens and Womens Stein Hoisting Competition

Start working out those arms because we will be having a Stein Hoisting Competition. Competitors will be given a one liter stein filled will beer and we will see how long you can last holding it out in front of you, parallel to the floor with one locked arm only.  

Best Mustache Competition

How creative is your Mustache, goatee or beard? Come on out and let us be the judge. Must be competitors own facial hair, artificial facial hair will not be allowed to participate in the competition.


Best Dressed

Best Chicken Dance

Polka Dance Off

Stein Hoisting Competition

Best Mustache Competition

Empty Keg Toss

Server Slalom Relay

Keg Slalom

Keg Stacking Race

Empty Keg Toss

Mens and Womens Individual distance. Empty kegs are tossed into an vacant playing field as far as possible. Any style of toss is allowed. The keg may bounce or roll to it's eventual resting place for measurement. $1 per play. Prizes will be awarded in each division.

Server Slalom Relay

3 laps, against the clock. Start with 3 full beers on a tray, the server must traverse a row of cones set-up "slalom style" between 2 tables holding cups of beer. Each leg of the course, a full beer is added to the tray until there are 5 full beers returned to the starting point table. Neatness counts. Fastest time wins. $1 per play. Prize will be awarded for best time.

Keg Slalom

4 laps against the clock. A row of cones are set-up "slalom style". Players must traverse through the course, pushing or pulling a full pony keg strapped to a handtruck. Down and back equals 1 lap. Dumping the keg or loosing control of the hand truck will be disqualified. $1 per play. Prize will be awarded for best time.

Keg Stacking Race

9 empty, numbered kegs are placed at random, on their sides, end-to-end, in a row 10 feet from the stacking area. Each participant will stack the kegs in a triangle formation, in order, ending with the keg numbered "1" on top. Neatness counts.  $1 per play. Prize will be awarded for best time.

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